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Medicaid Planning: Protecting Your Assets During Medicaid

As the ones you love continue to get older, they will need constant care. Looking into a nursing facility or assisted living could be the best option for them to be provided with the care they need. However, the price of nursing facilities continues to rise, which is why many elders turn to Medicaid planning. Medicaid planning can be beneficial for everyone, better preparing the family for eldercare while protecting assets from Medicaid costs.

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Three Common Estate Planning Mistakes

When it comes to Estate Planning, I work with many different types of individuals and families at different stages of their life and needs. Too often, however, clients come to me after a painful road of mistakes. This blog is an attempt to help those out there who are unfamiliar or uncertain about estate planning avoid making three very easy to make mistakes when it comes to planning out their legacy, from being unaware of the need for it to be fearful of what it curtails.

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