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Why Do I Need More Than a Will for Estate Planning?

Your last will and testament is a key component of estate planning. It determines how your property is distributed after you die. However, after the assets detailed in your will have gone through probate and are distributed, what happens to those assets that don’t go through probate? Estate planning covers everything from the probate process to providing clear instructions on what to do in special circumstances. Learn how these together are indications that you need more than a will for estate planning.

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Estate Planning for Young Families with Children

When you start estate planning as a young family, there tend to be some differences involved, especially if you have young children. You need to ensure that your family will be financially sound and that there is a plan for them if you were to pass away. It’s important as a younger family to have at least a basic estate plan in place, to guarantee your wishes for your children are carried out.

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What is a Living Trust and How is It Different from a Will?

I work with my clients to decide between writing up a trust or a will. I make it my goal to sit down with you or your loved ones to go through the process to choose which one is best for you. Learn more about the difference between the two: I am happy to sit down with you to discuss your options.

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