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Why Do I Need More Than a Will for Estate Planning?

Your last will and testament is a key component of estate planning. It determines how your property is distributed after you die. However, after the assets detailed in your will have gone through probate and are distributed, what happens to those assets that don’t go through probate? Estate planning covers everything from the probate process to providing clear instructions on what to do in special circumstances. Learn how these together are indications that you need more than a will for estate planning.

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How to Create a Will to Pass Through Probate

In Massachusetts, a will is a critical part of estate planning. The legacy of the person and their loved ones can be deeply affected by the quality and type of will. Before a will can be enacted, it must pass through probate. During this time, a badly written (or executed) will – or no will at all – can lead to stress and hardship as the court drags on between all parties. I want to share with you how to handle wills to avoid these issues.

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