Seniors have options. Elder Law, practiced properly, clarifies those options and helps seniors understand their rights. In Massachusetts, an attorney practicing elder law would be able to assist clients with estate planning, estate administration, wills, trusts, tax matters and guardianships as well as Medicaid (MassHealth) planning, VA Planning,and long-term care issues.

Worcester elder law attorney Paula A. Smith has over two decades of experience successfully representing Massachusetts’ seniors and their families. In addition to being a skillful, professional, practicing attorney, Paula Smith is also compassionate, respectful and caring, traits that are essential when helping the elderly plan for this important phase of their lives.

Paula A. Smith provides the following Worcester elder law attorney services for seniors:

Medicaid Planning (MassHealth)
The numbers are astounding. In Massachusetts, the average cost to keep a loved one in a nursing home each month is over $8,000. An elderly person who becomes disabled or needs long-term care can have tremendous financial difficulties as a result of these needs. Paula Smith protects her clients’ estates by guiding them through the complicated process of choosing an appropriate long-term care service, eligibility requirements for Medicaid (MassHealth), income and asset rules, and if necessary, appealing Mass Health benefits decisions.

VA Planning
Veterans are entitled to receive certain benefits for assisted living facilities, nursing homes or home-based care. Paula Smith works diligently to ensure that her senior clients receive all allowable VA aid and the maximum attendance benefits possible.

Guardianships become necessary if a person becomes incapable of caring for himself or herself, and can no longer make their own health or financial decisions. Paula Smith’s planning can help elderly clients avoid a guardianship situation.