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Medicaid Planning: Protecting Your Assets During Medicaid

As the ones you love continue to get older, they will need constant care. Looking into a nursing facility or assisted living could be the best option for them to be provided with the care they need. However, the price of nursing facilities continues to rise, which is why many elders turn to Medicaid planning. Medicaid planning can be beneficial for everyone, better preparing the family for elder care while protecting assets from Medicaid costs.

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Medicaid Planning: Planning for Long-Term Costs

As you or your loved one gets older, taking care of payments for healthcare can get expensive especially when there are bills for so many different things. When you are going through this whether directly, or indirectly, you want to be sure someone is there for you along the way. I willadvocate on your behalf to ensure that your money is being used correctly. Iknow the ins and outs of Medicaid,and I can set up a plan. I often work with individuals and theirfamilies to plan out the best way to use their money.

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What Does an Elder Law Attorney Do?

Since I have many clients approach me needing one service – such as estate planning, assistance with Medicaid, or helping with estate administration, they are sometimes unclear exactly what an elder law attorney can comprehensively do. Elder law, the specialty that grew in the 1980s out of Medicaid and long-term care, doesn’t focus on a particular area of law, such as a divorce attorney. Instead, elder law is based around the client and provides a wide range of services in many areas.

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